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About Us, Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs and Lance & Lesli Rose

Quality American Bulldog Breeders are few and far between!  American Bulldogs are considered a rare breed and are not recognised by the Canadian Kennel Club.  Lance & I are sharing our passion for breeding American Bulldogs by using our years of experience to produce elite quality puppies.   We are experienced and caring american bulldog breeders. Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs selects high quality, health tested parents.  As conscientious and ethical breeders, we build a solid foundation for our puppies by tried and true socialization and training techniques.

Lesli Rose -American Bulldog Breeder
Lesli Rose
Founder of Rosebull Kennels
Lance Rose - American Bulldog Breeder
Lance Rose
Founder of Rosebull Kennels

Back to the Beginings

Lance grew up in England in a family of dog lovers, his  parents bred Dalmatians and when we got married in 1991, our first dog was a Dalmatian, we eventually bought a female and had a gorgeous litter of puppies. We loved our Dalmatians to bits, but upon their passing, we decided we couldn’t replace them.  It wasn’t long before we were going to dog shows and checking out other breeds.

The next big step

In 1998 I discovered an American Bulldog at a dog show at the International Centre in Mississauga.  He was the coolest thing I have ever seen, and it started our American Bulldog journey.  His name was MD Keno.  He was bred by Mark Ross In Atlanta, GA.  It took me a few weeks to get Lance to visit the owner but as soon as he met Keno he was hooked!  Lance went straight home and started researching american bulldogs, he had a massive favourites folder of AB kennels. Lance & I eventually turned his faves folder into the worlds largest american bulldog website. The website got too big for us to manage so we took it down. Furthermore the website was the jumping off point for us to buy and market the American Bulldog Registry & Archives. We purchased the ABRA in 2005.


The decision was made, we wanted an American Bulldog

During our research on American Bulldog breeders we discovered that the father of the Johnson American Bulldog, John D. Johnson was still breeding in Somerville, GA.  We drove to Georgia and ended up buying a pup from Mr. Johnson in December of 1998.  Lance & I picked up “Blue” in March of 1999 and attended our first American Bulldog show in Birmingham, AL.   That was definitely a turning point for us and we became forever smitten.

Our Kennel is Located in Hagersville, ON, Canada