Rosebull American Bulldogs



Rosebull Puppies for Sale

Leo is still available,  born 27/9/22

Leo, lovable, huggable and a clown, going to be huge, if you're hoping for a 100 pound adult this is the one

Coco and Logic Litter
Born Dec 17. 2022

Another outstanding Litter sired by Logic, JJ is a great mom and the pups are growing like weeds, strong and healthy, eyes open and begining to walk at two weeks of age.  Click on the pictures to view full size


Belle is going to be one to watch out for, looks like her dad and takes after him too, a future traffic stopper for sure


A chunky little female witha gorgeous face and thick wide head and muzzle, beautiful markings

Ginger Snap SOLD

Erica is looking forward to getting this little beauty, playful and energetic

George SOLD

Wriggley 'Rigs' SOLD

JJ and Logic
Born Jan 14th 2023

Our first breeding of JJ to Logic and it has turned out fabulously, thick, blocky bulldogs with lots of colour, these guys all look great


Kraken is super dark brindle, almost black and one of the larger pups in the litter, click on any photo to enlarge them and open the gallery


Another large male with a dark brindle body suit, not quite as dark as Kraken

Jolly Roger

Another brindle body suit, no shortage of flashy pups in this litter


Somebody’s got to be the smallest, but like most, in a few weeks the size difference will be much less notable, some of our smallest pups have become the biggest adults


Flaahy female with dark beindle patches, wide head


Chocolate body suit female