American Bulldog Puppies For Sale

American Bulldog Pups For Sale


Rosebull Kennels is Absolutely Committed to the Well Being of Both Our Dogs & Their New Owners

American bulldog puppies for sale in Hagersville, ON, Canada.  We do everything possible to ensure that your new american bulldog puppy becomes the best canine companion that money can buy so you will enjoy her for many years to come.

American Bulldog puppies for sale from Rosebull Kennels are registered wit the American Bulldog Registry & Archives, so is our kennel, you can see our listing here.  We are registered breeders of American Bulldogs in Hagersville, ON, Canada.  We sell our american bulldog puppies to families that are looking for a top quality puppy and have high expectations of their health and temperament.  Therefore shopping at pet stores or backyard breeders is unacceptable.  You will have peace of mind because we will be here to support you for the life of your special companion. 

Our priorities are health and behaviour.  As a result our puppies are healthy and happy.



Health Tested Parents

We get your puppy off to a great start by breeding health tested parents so the risk of getting a sick puppy is minimized. 

Early Neurological Stimulation

We provide early neurological stimulation as a result your puppy’s cardiovascular system is strengthened and their problem solving skills are enhanced.



We Provide A Stimulating Environment

Rosebull Kennels ensures ample socialization so your pet will not be stressed out by new people, animals and noises as he develops.



High Quality Nutrition & Supplements

Our adult american bulldogs and puppies are fed top quality nutrition & supplements so that they develop properly.



Veterinarian Checked

Our american bulldog puppies for sale are microchipped, vet checked, vaccinated and wormed.


Breeder Support

You can count on us to provide you with the support you need so you can raise your puppy to be a happy, confident, and an enjoyable
member of your family.  Rosebull enrolls you in an online training class and provides you with a user’s manual called “How To Raise An American Bulldog Puppy”  Thereby supporting the socialization and training of you and your puppy.


Puppy Personality Matching

The best american bulldog puppy is selected for your family by matching your family dynamic and american bulldog experience with the personalities of our puppies.  The puppies are tested at 7 weeks and a personality profile is determined.


100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee

We also provide you with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee against genetic disorders for your peace of mind.


Puppies On The Way!

Blue Ribbon Brood Stock Bay Area Bullies' Logic @ Rosebull PH.35 .27, NCL/ICH Clear

We expect puppies on July 24, 2021. 

The litter will be white with red brindle patches, CLICK HERE to learn more about American Bulldog Colours.

BRBS Bay Area Bullies’ Logic @ Rosebull,  PH .35 .27, NCL/ICH Clear has been bred to BRBS Bingham’s Abby @ Rosebull PH .59 .53, no djd NCL/ICH Clear 

We have albums on our FB kennel page and videos for the dogs. 



Online Photo Album From Birth To 8 Weeks

Rosebull american bulldog puppies come with an online photo album from birth to 8 weeks, they will be vet checked, microchipped, nail clipped and up to date on shots and wormings.


Puppies come with access to a top notch online training program ($300 value) so that new owners know exactly how to finish the socialization of their puppy and start the training from day one.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Puppies are protected for the first 30 days with you by a Trupanion Trial Pet Insurance Policy.


Life Time Breeder Support

We offer lifetime support for our puppy owners so you can reach out to us any time you have questions or concerns.  We will be here for you, we sold our first litter of American Bulldog puppies in 2001, we aren’t going anywhere!


Invest in Your Happiness

Rosebull Kennels’ american bulldog puppies cost $3500, or $5000 with breeding rights.  We encourage our puppy families that want to breed to join our breeding program, please let us know if breeding is in your future, we will support and guide you.


International Shipping

We ship puppies world wide at the buyers expense, we have shipped to France, The Netherlands, Greece, Isle de Reunion, Czech Republic and all over the USA and Canada. 


We are accepting deposits on our July litter now. 

The price is $3500.  If you would like to breed the puppy in the future the price is $5000.

If you would like to buy one of our puppies the process is to send us a $500 non refundable deposit and we will add you to our waiting list.

If we don’t have a puppy for you within 1 year we will refund your deposit.  

After the puppies are born and we have determined that there is a puppy available for your family another $500 non refundable deposit is due.  The balance is due when the puppy is 8 weeks old and you may pick up your puppy at 8 weeks and 4 days old.

Please check out our Puppy Pricing Policy for more information on deposit refund.  Click here.

After we receive your deposit we will send you a questionnaire about your family and your dog training experience and whether or not you want a male or a female puppy.  We use this information to match your family to the right puppy.  We will match puppies and families in the order that the deposits are received.

We only take 5 deposits per litter to minimize disappointment.  But, we always have another litter planned and you can transfer your deposit to another litter if we have a small litter or if you don’t feel quite ready.  If we have extra puppies in a litter we reach out to the families that have sent deposits for the next litter first.

If you aren’t ready to send us a deposit but you would like to be kept in the loop with the arriving puppies and the upcoming breedings please fill out our form on the contact us page.  Click here.

Great Lakes JJ - Mother of Puppies due in August

I am here to answer any questions that you might have, my cell number is 905-379-4489.  If you’d like to speak to Lance, his cell number is 905-599-7466.

Email me for more details about sending your deposit and to be added to our waiting list!


I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for checking out our puppies!