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American Bulldogs - Rebel Rose


Committed to breeding better American Bulldogs

grim American Bulldogs ROCK!!

American Bulldogs make phenomenal family pets above all else, we have owned them for 17 years, we have raised 4 children at the same time.

The American Bulldogs are very people oriented, they are always under foot, following you from room to room, they sleep on the floor of the bedroom at night and always wait to be invited onto the bed in the morning for a hug.

They are easy to train but train them you must. They do not know what behaviour is expected of them, just like the children and we have found that great timing is the key to successful training, you must correct or praise a behaviour immediately. If you do not have dog training skills I recommend hiring a trainer, the experience will enrich your lives. Some people run into problems with dogs but I truly believe that this is not the dogs fault, it is the humans fault.

American Bulldogs are the best breed of dog on the planet bar none! They are active when we are active and just lie around all day when we are busy doing something else. They can be easily crate trained and house trained, they do not wander, they go outside, do their business and come right back in.

They are beautiful, they have an incredible presence and it is very fun taking them out for a walk for the first few minutes, they are magnets, people cannot help themselves they stop us constantly and ask us questions about the dogs, this gets crazy after the first few minutes! lol! Some people are afraid and they actually cross the street when they see us coming! If they only knew how wonderful these dogs are.

American Bulldogs are funny, they have individual personalities and gestures, they communicate well for not talking.

American Bulldogs love to play, they love to chase things, balls, frisbees, sticks, empty water bottles, anything really! American Bulldogs, snore, burp and fart, drip water on the floor when they drink, and shed little white hairs all year long! But they also quickly clean up any food spills!

We love our American Bulldogs!

Treat yourself, get an American Bulldog and then spend thousands of hours enjoying their company and admiring their beauty!

American Bulldog - Blue aka Johnsons Rebel Rouiser 52 and our daughter candace when she was 2
American Bulldog Registry and Archives

We bought our first American Bulldog from Mr. John D. Johnson in December 1998 after an AB research trip to Georgia, we had seen an American Bulldog at a dog show in Toronto and become fascinated with these incredible beasts!

Since then bulldogs are our passion, we have become extremely involved in the breed over the years.

We are also both licensed ABRA & NKC judges, and Lance is an EABC judge too.

We also own and operate American Bulldog Resources... www.dogresources.com/abrhome.html, the Olde Bulldogge Breed Association... www.bulldoggeregistry.com, and the American Bulldog Registry and Archives... www.abra1st.com

All of our dogs are registered, have stable temperments, excellent working abilities and have world reknowned pedigrees. We have shipped puppies worldwide and have some of our dogs in the USA, Canada, France, Holland, Reunion Island, Greece, Germany and Czechkoslovakia.

We offer a genetic health guarantee, we breed for conformation, strength and solid temperments!

All of our American Bulldog puppies are registered with ABRA, they are vaccinated, wormed and vet checked, all of the shipped puppies will have an International Health Certificate.

All of our American Bulldog puppies are well socialized by our family of six!

American Bulldogs make excellent family pets if socialized properly and obedience trained. We highly recommend professional assistance with training. Our favourite, well know trainer is Cesar Millan, do yourself and your dog a big favour, check out Cesar!

Rebel Rose American Bulldogs
Lance & Lesli Rose
Ontario, Canada
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This is a puppy out of Piggy x Oscar!

Her name is Rose's Diva in the Sky with Diamonds, she is owned by Chris and Kim Spear, they live in Elkhorn WI.

We can ship the dogs within Canada and the United States, buyer will be responsible for the shipping costs.

All of the SHIPPED dogs will get an international health certificate and be up to date on all wormings, vaccinations and rabies shots.