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RoseBull Upcoming Breedings 2022-23

BRBS Bay Area Bullies' Logic @ RoseBull PH .35 .27, ICH/NCL/HUU Clear x BRBS Great Lakes' JJ @ RoseBull PH .37 .39, ICH/NCL/HUU Clear

Logic and Great Lakes’ JJ were bred in November 2022 with pups expected around the middle of January 2023.

JJ is hip x-rayed and clear of ICH/NCL/HUU so this breeding is considered a BLUE RIBBON Litter

Want a Logic Pup for Your Family?

If you are interested in having one of our Logic pups for your family please check out our puppies for sale page, there you can find out about our sales process, application, guarantee, contract etc. 

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