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We recommend becoming a lifelong member of Baxter & Bella Online Puppy Training School, at BAXTER &
Bella, the mission is to teach as many people as possible how to successfully introduce and effectively integrate a dog into their everyday lifestyle in a way that it is fun, rewarding and worthwhile!  

All Rosebull puppy families are enrolled as lifetime members of Baxter & Bella at our expense, it helps us help you learn what you need to know to be a great pet owner.

If you are not buying a Rosebull puppy we still want to help you get the training that you need, please feel free to use our 25% discount code when you enroll, it is ABRA25.


Watch the video below and click this MORE INFORMATION link to head on over to the Baxter & Bella website.


The Puppy School Begins 2 Weeks Before Your Puppy Arrives.


Coupon Code ABRA25