Rosebull American & French Bulldogs


Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Rosebull Guardian Home Program

The puppy will be purchased by your family at a 25% discount.

The puppy will then be first and foremost a member of your family and it will be part of our breeding program when it matures and is health tested.

The 25% discount will cover the cost of the testing.

Males – We will arrange to have the dog collected when we need him for breeding and the guardian home will be paid $1000.

Females – Adult females will be bred and stay with their guardian family until they are about 2 weeks away from giving birth, at that time they will come and stay with us until the puppies are weaned at about 5 weeks. The guardian home will be paid $4000.

Your commitment is for 3 breedings, at that point we will pay to spay or neuter your pet.

We also have adult dogs that we would like to place in a guardian home. There is no upfront charge for these adults.