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New American Bulldog Puppy Shopping List

All of the links for the new american bulldog puppy shopping list are affiliate links and I get paid a commission when you buy, so thank you!

The most imortant things on your new american bulldog puppy shopping list.

1. Puppy Crate

Your puppy needs a safe cozy space for sleeping and relaxing.  The puppy will spend most of it’s time sleeping for the first few months.  Actually most dogs are only active in the morning and evening, they sleep most of the day and night.  The crate should be big enough for the puppy to comfortably turn around in and lie down stretched out.  You will use the crate inside of the puppy’s play pen.

2. Puppy Play Pen

You will need a playpen to keep your puppy contained in when you are not playing with it and during the night, unless you prefer to use baby gates to section off a room or space in your home.  It should be big enough to contain the puppy’s crate, a litter box, some toys and a playing area as well as a dining/drinking area, unless you are feeding all of your puppy’s food during training and with a kong, but the pup still needs access to fresh water.

3. Waterproof, Slip Proof Mat for Under the Play Pen

This is easy to clean 6′ x 6′ mat is ideal for inside the play pen but you could use a piece of linoleum or set the playpen up on a surface in your home that is already easy to clean and is slip proof.  You might need 2 depending on how big you want your play pen, I think 12′ x 6′ is a magnificent size.

4. Dog Bed

Put this nice comfy soft pad inside the crate for your dog to enjoy while he’s sleeping or relaxing by chewing on a delicious toy or bone.