Our American Bulldogs

Top Notch American Bulldogs - Small in Number, Large in Quality

We have a small kennel with only 3 american bulldogs today, we have purchased another female that will be coming if and when her health testing results are good.  We like to keep our breeding dogs to a maximum of 5, that way they can all live in the house with us.  American Bulldogs are much happier with their humans!  We wait until our dogs have reached the age of 2 years old before we breed them and we retire them when they are 5 or 6.  If you would rather have a retired dog please let us know, we know lots of breeders.

Ladies first

We have 3 adult females today, Annie, who was born at our kennel and JJ who we bought from Dan Greenwald at Great Lakes American Bulldogs and Sauga City’s High In The Sky who we bought from Martin Kloucek.    Please vist our Facebook page for Annie, Sky & JJ’s photo albums.

Blue Ribbon Brood Stock Great Lakes JJ @ Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs PennHIP .37/.39, ICH/NCL/HUU

JJ will be bred in July 2021.

JJ’s birthday is 5/31/2018

Rosebull Annie 

Annie was born here on 6/17/16

Annie is our 5th generation, we produced her Mom, Bella, her grandmother, Legs, her great grandmother, Becky, her great great grand mother, Pick.  Pick’s Mom was one of our first american bulldogs, her name was Slap My Ass & Call Me Sally!  Sally made quite a name for herself on the show circuit.

Annie will deliver in December 2020.

Blue Ribbon Brood Stock Valor's Bulldog Mr. Lucky @ RoseBull ATAN/ACAL 1&2, RDT1, PennHIP .30/.34 ICH/NCL/HUU Clear

Lucky has been with us for 7 years now, (born 6/14/13) he is an incredible companion, we started out strong with obedience and bite work training and that training and the bond that we formed has resulted in the best pet I have ever had!

Please vist our Facebook page for Lucky’s photo album.


If you would like more information about our upcoming litters please head to our american bulldog puppies for sale page.  Or you can visit the gallery of american bulldog pictures that we have produced since the year 2001.