Do American Bulldogs Make Good Pets?

The Answer is... Sometimes!

What is a good pet?  A good pet is healthy and well behaved.  


The best way to ensure your puppy will be healthy is to buy a puppy from a good breeder that has unrelated, health tested parents.  

Do Not Buy from a Puppy Broker or a Pet Store.

Pups from pet stores do not come from health tested parents.

Critical Socialization Period Is From Birth to 16 Weeks

When a puppy is carefully exposed to regular family life, friends & strangers, sounds, smells and other animals during the first formative 16 weeks, they are prepared mentally to encounter these things in a relaxed and confident manner for the rest of their lives.  

A Good Breeder Will Expose Your Puppy To Family Life, Strangers, Animal & Sounds

Puppies raised in a kennel or barn away from the family, people, animals and sounds are completely unprepared and will most likely develop all kinds of nasty issues as they mature, the will be afraid of new people and new experiences, they could react excessively to sounds, people and animals, bark more, be hard to handle, groom and bathe, they might try to avoid unfamiliar things that make noise like vaccums, fans, fireworks, possibly be more aggressive or nervous when meeting strangers, be unable to bond with humans,  and be difficult to train.

Buy an American Bulldog Puppy from a Good Breeder!

There are too many unknowns when you buy a puppy from a pet store or adopt a puppy or an adult dog from a rescue.  Unless you are prepared to rehabilitate a dog or puppy that has not been properly prepared for life with a family, BUY A PUPPY FROM A GOOD BREEDER!

Be Prepared To Continue Your Puppy's Socialization from 60 Days to 16 Weeks

Because this period of your puppy’s life is so imporatnat you should really consider professional help.  We enroll our puppies and their new families at our expense in a wonderful online training program to guide you every step of the way during your first 2 months with your puppy.  We also send our puppies home with a “How To Raise An American Bulldog Puppy” user manual.


The online training program that we enroll you in will teach you exactly how to train your puppy so it is an absolute joy to live with, all you have to do is watch and learn and practise.  

Bottom Line

American Bulldogs do make amazing family pets when they are produced out of healthy tested parents, reared by a conscientious breeder, socialized by their new familes and trained with the help of a professional dog trainer.