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Bay Area Bullies' Logic @ RoseBull

Logic was produced by Rashad Richards and Dante Lopez.  I became aware of Logic from their posts on FaceBook, I was very impressed with Logic’s thickness and knew that I want to add some of that bone to my breeding program.  I took them up on their offer to purchase a future breeding. 

large muscular american bulldog pulling on leash

About a year went by and a bulldogger friend of mine contacted me to tell me that Logic was for sale/sold.  I was really looking forward to my upcoming Logic breeding so I called Dante to find out if I was still going to be able to use Logic after the sale.  I actually thought Logic was already sold.  

Dante told me that Logic was still for sale and that he would try to arrange the future breeding with whoever would eventually buy Logic.  I asked the price, $20,000usd!  I was a bit freaked out lol.  It didn’t cross my mind to buy him myself, that was insane.  

I started thinking about how I could justify a purchase price that high.  Once I convinced myself that it was an investment in our kennel and breeding program it was easy for me to come up with a whole long list of reasons why buying Logic made sense.

We made Dante an offer and bought Logic!!!

Logic helping move the family from Ontario to New Brunswick

Lance flew to California, rented a van and drove Logic back to Hagersville.

Baby Picture of Logic, California 2019

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to own such an phenomenal beast, he is so THICK and so SWEET, he has a very funny affectionate personality to top off his incredible looks. 

It is actually a wonderful life lesson for me to be bolder, take up more space and take bigger chances, we have grown a lot through this experience for sure.  And we own one of the COOLEST American Bulldogs on the planet!  And Logic is young and healthy and he will be with us for many many more years to come, the future is very bright!