American Bulldog Size

Many people wonder how big an American Bulldog is, well the truth is that there is a very large range in size for an adult male American Bulldog.  American Bulldog size ranges from 65 pounds to 140 pounds.  Females are slightly smaller than males.  Typically it would be the standard type that is at the low end of the range but I have judged many very large standard american bulldogs in Germany.  The real answer lies in the size of the parents so if you want a specific sized pet, look for parents in that range.  The Classic type is mid range and the 100% Johnson American Bulldogs are at the high end of the range.

How Fast Will My Puppy Grow?

It is better to grow your american bulldog puppy slowly, the size of your american bulldog is predetermined.  Over feeding her will not make her bigger in a healthy way.  If you are unsure about how much to feed check to see if your veterinarian thinks your pup is a healthy weight.  The most important thing about feeding is to make sure your pup is getting a high quality kibble or a raw food diet prepared by someone well educated about raw food.  We feed our puppies a large breed kibble made by Eagle Pack and we feed our adults the Kirkland brand, both quality.  We also love to give them raw meaty bones.

Rosebull Kennel American Bulldogs like 80 pound females and 100 pound males.  That is our ideal american bulldog size.

american bulldog puppies waiting for dinner

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