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American Bulldog Pups

American bulldog pups from our kennel are family raised and introduced to friends, strangers, other animals and noises which sets them up for success when they move from our home to yours.  Some american bulldog pups are born in a barn or kennel and have no idea what family life or other animals are all about, this can cause a lifelong fearfulness and dreadful reactivity to noises, people and animals, a nightmare to deal with.  Please do not buy pups from a breeder that doesn’t handle the puppies everyday and expose them to normal family activity.

Healthy Parents & Socialization of Pups are Top Priorities.

We take our job very seriously when it comes to preparing our american bulldog pups for life with your family.  Even if you can’t afford or don’t want to spend our asking price please be very careful about this super important consideration when deciding where you buy your american bulldog pup from.  Other than breeding healthy parents nothing else matters as much as this does.

Early Neurological Stimulation

We go a step further than most good breeders by stimulating our american bulldog pups neurologically from day 3 to day 16, we are convinced by the science that this slight stress heavily impacts the cardiovascular system and the brain, enhacing health and problem solving abilties for the rest of the pups’ lives.

American Bulldog Pups are Considered a Large Breed

It is important to feed a large breed puppy a diet that is specifically made for a large breed.  To read more about developmental concerns in large breeds please click here.

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