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American Bulldog National Breed Club

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United States American Bulldog Club

Recognised by the American Working Dog Federation in 2003 as the parent club for the American Bulldog.  The United States American Bulldog Club Inc. is responsible for promoting the breed as a sound and stable breed.

Public Education

As the National Breed Club for the American Bulldog, the USABC strives to promote the American Bulldog in a positive way and educate the public on the breed.    
Working together as a unified group will allow us to reach our goals of bettering the breed.

American Working Dog Federation Rules & Regulations

The USABC is a club where improvements to the breed are made in a civil, open platform in accordance with our constitution and the AWDF’s rules and regulations.

American Working Dog Federation Website

American Bulldog National Breed Club Membership

USABC Membership

New USABC Members are always welcome, if you own an American Bulldog you should be a USABC Member. 

All members are encouraged to get involved in activities and functions.

We hope all newcomers read through our site and get to know the American Bulldog breed.

The member-elected Board of Directors is here to serve the American Bulldog breed, the USABC and its members.

It consists of accomplished enthusiasts and American Bulldog historians; with more breed experience than any other club.

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Work & Sport Dog Activity Focus

USABC focus encompasses the sports of IGP (Schutzhund), French Ring, Mondio Ring, Weight Pull, Conformation, Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Therapy work, Search and Rescue, and other lawful American Bulldog activities.

Breed Specific Legislation

The key tasks are structuring and supporting groups for the promotion of safe animal ownership; and the fighting of breed specific legislations.

United States American Bulldog Club Goals

1. To promote the American Bulldog as a working breed.
2. To promote and encourage positive breeding practices within the American Bulldog community.
3. To open the lines of communication within the American Bulldog Community.
4. To educate the community about the American Bulldog breed.
5. To obtain international recognition for the American Bulldog as a pure breed dog through the FCI.
6. To maintain a database for the American Bulldog breed of all titled working American Bulldogs.
7. To provide a forum for the training and certification of USABC club Training Directors and Helpers so that American Bulldogs may be trained in a safe and productive environment and so that each USABC club may have their own certified helpers.
8. To hold educational seminars for the American Bulldog Community.
9. To provide a forum for the American Bulldog Community to come together and compete in a spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie.
10. To work together with our fellow working breeds for the future of working dogs in the United States through our membership in the American Working Dog Federation.

Benefits in Membership For the USABC & YOU

Membership in USABC is very important for our breed:
1. It shows volume. A full membership roster is crucial for maintaining the American Bulldog’s recognition as a working breed.
2. It will enable you, as a member of USABC, to have input into what goals you would like to accomplish for the American Bulldog.
3. Members of USABC can begin to organize American Bulldog teams to compete nationally and internationally.