Rosebull American & French Bulldogs


Our 25 Year History With The American Bulldog

Our Passion for American Bulldogs began in the summer of 1998.


I met an American Bulldog at the International Centre in Mississauga at an all breed dog show.


I was bowled over by the power and beauty of the beast!


His name was MD Keno, he was produced by a man named Mark Ross, Mark lived in Atlanta, Georgia.


His owner’s name was Laura Turner, her kennel name was Rock Solid American Bulldogs. She had a female named Kennedy’s Radical Red K’Lar that was produced by Douglas Delta Kennedy.


Doug Kennedy is a huge name in American Bulldogs.

Kennedy's American Bulldogs

We went on to research the breed and we discovered that there were two main types of American Bulldogs, one called the Scott type and one called the Johnson type.  Named after Alan Scott and John Daniel Johnson.


We preferred the Johnson look so we focused our search for our first American Bulldog on Johnson type breeders.


We quickly discovered that Mr. John D. Johnson was still alive and still breeding American Bulldogs so we arranged a trip to Summerville, Georgia to meet Mr. Johnson and his dogs.


We loved Mr. Johnson, his wife, Mildred and we bought our first puppy!  His name was officially Johnson’s Rebel Rouiser 52, we called him Blue for short.