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About the American Bulldog

American Bulldog Info for you!  The Classic American Bulldog is a working breed and companion dog.  The breed is large and muscular with heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, and a moderately short face. American Bulldogs are prized for their affectionate nature and balanced disposition.  They are generally active and alert, but not unduly boisterous so they are a joy to be around.  More american bulldog info down below, so you can just scroll down, or you can head to our gallery of american bulldog pictures.  Click here.

american bulldog puppy licking a child

Great Temperaments are Made!

You need this crucial piece of american bulldog info in order to have a great pet, american bulldogs must be properly socialized by the breeder and trained by their new family.  This critical period ends at 16 weeks and it cannot be re-done, so buy from a breeder that does it right.

American Bulldog puppies must be properly socialized and trained so they develop into great pets.  What does that mean?  It means they must be exposed to sounds, people and other animals while they are between 4 -16 weeks in order to accept new situations, people and animals later and throughout their lives.  Failure to properly socialize a puppy can lead to fear and anxiety, excessive barking, separation anxiety, shyness and aggression to both animals and people.  If you want a bomb proof pet, buy a puppy from a breeder that prioritizes home rearing, early neurological stimulation and adequate socialization and supports you with the critical training and socialization period from 60 days to 16 weeks.

Your American Bulldog Breeder Makes All The Difference

Your american bulldog breeder is the most important piece of the puzzle, you are the next most important because you are responsible for the critical period between 8/9 weeks and 16 weeks.

Children friendly

American Bulldogs get along well with children, and they're sturdy enough to be raised in a household with kids. When boundaries are set and children are respectful the experience is positive. Children and american bulldogs can become the best of friends. My 4 children and our dogs had a blast together.

Hate to be alone

If you want an outdoor dog who can be left alone for long periods, the American Bulldog is not the breed for you. The dogs love their people and are always under foot. If you get up to go to the kitchen they will follow you. When I work at my desk they lie under the desk, when I go to the bathroom they go to the bathroom too. If you want a great companion, an american bulldog is perfect.

Excellent housekeeper

American Bulldogs make excellent watchdogs and will alert their people to approaching strangers, but it's not their style to bark without cause.

Excercise required

American Bulldogs need a moderate amount of exercise, they love to play, they love to chase, really enjoy daily walks to keep them stimulated and at a healthy weight.

22 - 25 inches
10 - 12 years
80 - 100 pounds


From the ABRA Breed Standard…  The American Bulldog is an athletic, temperamentally sound medium to large sized dog that possesses great strength, agility and confidence. The expression should reflect intelligence and alertness. The sturdy and powerful yet compact frame is characteristically stockier and heavier boned in the males and more refined in the females. Some aloofness with strangers and assertiveness towards other dogs is accepted.  However, an American Bulldog should not be excessively timid, shy or aggressive towards man and preferably not overly aggressive with other dogs.  Shyness and aggression are heavily affected by early socialization, you want a puppy that is home raised, not one that spent it’s first 8 weeks in a garage, kennel or barn away from normal family activity.


ABRA Breed Standard


In general American Bulldogs are healthy, particulary compared to their cousins the British Bulldog, and the French Bulldog, we have been raising them for 20 years and usually only see the vet for routine checkups.  But there are some genetic diseases common in the breed, specifically, hip dysplasia, hyperuricosria, ichthyosis,
neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, and entropian.

  Most of these diseases can be screen for by x-rays and a dna test so make sure the parents of your new puppy have been tested.

More american bulldog information about health.  Click here.


Healthy American Bulldogs are low maintenance, they should see the vet annually for boosters and wormings.  They need exercise and stimulation daily.  They must be properly socialized from birth to 16 weeks, I will take on the bulk of it but you must absolutely be prepared to do your part when your new puppy gets home.  I will send you home with a complete American Bulldog Puppy Manual so don’t worry.  Obedience training is mandatory for our puppies, it is unrealistic to expect good behaviour from any dog if they are not properly taught.  To support you with training I enroll all of my puppies and their new families in an online training program. 


Real food is the best but we have tried to maintain a real food diet numerous times over the years and we just can’t keep it up.  If you can feed a properly balanced real food diet to your puppy it will be healthier and live longer as long as the ingredients are top quality and all of the required nutrients are included.  We feed a high quality kibble.   Recommended daily amount: 4 cups of high-quality dry food a day.  Plus delicious raw meaty bones!  Yum!  American Bulldogs are in heaven chewing on a fresh bone.


Unfortunately American Bulldogs shed, so to minimize shedding brushing is recommended.  Their nails must be cut regularly and their ears wiped
clean.  A once over for ticks is advisable, everyday in the summer months. That’s it!  Again early introduction to brushing and nail trimming helps to facilitate easy grooming for life.  Lots of adult dogs are afraid of having their nails trimmed and baths, this fear can be avoided by early positive grooming experiences.