Rosebull American Bulldogs


Full Time Income Breeding Dogs

Have you wondered if it’s possible to spend all of your time with your dogs and still earn a living?

It Is Possible!

You can create a quality breeding program and replace your income with just a few healthy, well trained, tested breeding dogs.

Here is the formula that we use to determine what’s possible.


One female can produce 9 puppies per year if you consider a 2 year cycle and 3 litters because the average American Bulldog litter is 6 puppies.


Multiply the price in your market for a puppy from a reputable breeder from health tested parents by 9.


The value for a quality puppy should be between $2000 and $3500.


9 x $2500 = $22,500


What is your annual income?


Divide your income by that number to determine how many brood bitches you need in your breeding program.


$90,000 divided by $22,500 is 4.


Now you need to know how to ensure you have 4 high quality females and how to market the value of your puppies to the ideal buyer.

That is where I come in!

My step by step course is the investment of the value of 1 puppy.  $2500


You get the online curriculum up front and 12 monthly group webinars to solidify the plan with the action that you have to take.

No more expensive child care, no more alarm clock, no more "work clothes", no more packing a lunch or eating out, no more commute, no more boss! Just you at home with your 4 dogs.

You can pay me from the proceeds of your first litter.

Text me to get started today. 506-999-4489, my name is Lesli.

I have Whatsapp too, same number.

What I will Teach You

How to select brood stock that fit the criteria of a high quality breeding program.


The testing and guarantee that will convince your puppy buyers that they are buying a healthy puppy.


How to raise a high quality puppy that will set you head and shoulders above the competition in your market.


How to market your kennel so that puppy buyers will flock to you for a puppy from your upcoming litters, no matter the price.


Website training.  Social Media Marketing Training.  


You’ll be able to easily convince them that a puppy from your kennel is worth a higher initial investment.


I’ll teach you to demonstrate to them that the purchase price of a puppy is just the tip of the iceberg, how big and deep the iceberg is under the water depends on the quality of the puppy they buy, how they raise it and care for it. 


You will easily be able to assure them that you will save them time and money after taking my course.

What you Need to be Successful

My course

$ to buy a brood bitch.

$ for testing.


Internet Access


Space to raise dogs and puppies in your home.