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5 Things That Separate a Responsible American Bulldog Breeder from a Backyard Breeder

Brood Stock Selection

Responsible Breeders select their brood stock with intention, they understand pedigrees, COI and the breed standard, they have read books, watched videos, attended seminars and dog shows to expose themselves to dog breeding knowledge and  real live examples of good and bad in the breed and have experience assessing the quality of the animals.  They select the puppies from their own litters that show the most promise and they buy from other responsible breeders that have also carefully selected and health tested their breeding dogs.  They have their brood stock x-rayed for hip dysplasia and they check for genetic disease markers.

Nutrition, Supplements & Veterinary Care

Responsible breeders research dog food and intentionally select a food that offers their dogs and puppies the nutrition that they need to thrive.  They will also select supplements like pre & probiotics to build the natural immunity.  

Responsible breeders follow strict parasite control protocols and have their animals regularly assessed, and vaccinated by a veterinarian.

Early Neurological Stimulation & Early Scent Introduction

Early Neurological Stimulation is a protocol developed by a US Military program called Bio Sensor and studied by Dr. Carmen Battaglia. Responsible breeders recognize the potential value of the protocol and perform the simple manoeuvers daily from 3 days to 16 days.  Early Scent Introduction is to activate and enhance the pup’s scenting ability.  “Dogs that are taught and engage in scenting have a more optimistic attitude toward life and with that, fewer behavior problems.”  Gayle Watkins PhD – Avidog Co-founder.  Here is a great video explaining the protocol and the benefits. Click here for the video.

Early Socialization

The more positive experiences the puppies have interacting with people, children and other animals the better.  It builds confidence and comfort when meeting new people, animals and objects throughout the rest of their lives.  This enhances the puppy’s life and the life of the owner.

Foundational Training

Responsible breeders set their puppies up for success by introducing housetraining, clicker/marker training, crate training and chew toy conditioning during the first 8 weeks making life for their new families fantastic.  

In conclusion

Investing in the search for a responsible breeder will pay off in spades over the course of your puppy’s life.  When a great foundation is set the family and the puppy enjoy life more.  This is the biggest reason to shop and NOT ADOPT, most families will find the development of their puppy a challenge even when a breeder does everything right.  Fixing and training a puppy or dog that didn’t start life right is more than most families can handle.  Responsible breeders can have long waiting lists because they have a following of loyal customers, their customer’s friends and families and other word of mouth puppy buyers but if you have to wait for the breeder to have the right puppy for your family it is worth it.

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