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Old English Bulldogs are a re-creation of the original english bulldog, today's AKC/CKC English bulldogs in most cases are unhealthy due to the extreme conformation and the small gene pool, this causes great heartbreak and expense to the families that love them. Our goal is to breed, healthy, ultra cool bulldogs, using healthy, structurally correct, stable bulldogs that we find from all over the globe, some breeds are english bulldogs, american bulldogs, victorian bulldogs and some other old english bulldogs that we don't know anything about (some breeders are very secretive!)but they meet our standards regarding conformation, health and temperament.

After many years of involvement with bulldogs we have decided that most of the animals we produce are kept either as breeding stock or with families as house pets and because of these 2 purposes we have developed our breeding program around fullfilling the needs of both breeders and pet owners. People own bulldogs mainly because they are so cool looking! That was certainly my first attraction. After the cool factor it is important for both families and breeders to have healthy animals and correct structure falls into the health category. Stable temperament is the third key component.

If you are doing research I encourage you to continue your information gathering on the internet and please feel free to call us with specific questions, I run an American Bulldog Registry and I am home most of the time working on the computer, answering phone calls about bulldogs or outside feeding and playing with the dogs. Everyone is more than welcome to visit our home and meet the dogs.

If you are considering buying a puppy from us you can either wait until we have a litter on the ground or send a deposit on an upcoming litter. We determine picks in the order that we receive deposits. We rarely sell our fist picks, we usually keep at least one puppy from every litter.

There is a lot of confusion about the real definition of an Old English Bulldog, I apologise for this, the reason for the confusion is most breeders have a slightly different idea about what the ultimate bulldog is, and truth be known that is a good thing, if you search long enough you will be able to find a puppy that comes from bulldogs that most closely resembles your own ideal. If you like the look of our adults, you will probably like the look of your pup.

Whatever you do, don't buy a pup that comes out of adults that you don't care for. All puppies are cute!!! But they are only puppies for a minute!

Committed to breeding better Bulldogs

Lance & Lesli Rose
Ontario, Canada
Email for more information

Lesli with Woody Bulls Bozz bred by Carlos Woods, www.woodybulls.com, one of the greatest creatures I have come across!

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