American Bulldog Association

The American Bulldog Association was started in 1989 by Casey & Sheila Couturier.  It was very active and popular on the West coast, where it was developed.  Casey sold the ABA in about 2005 and it almost became defunct.  In 2015 a group of west coast bulldoggers bought the ABA and have tried to revive it.  

The National Kennel Club is the largest and most popular american bulldog registry.  The NKC is the cheapest, it doesn’t require photographs so it is the easiest to register with.  The National Kennel Club is an All Breed Registry located in Blaine, TN.  The registry is owned by a man named Del Morgan.

The United Kennel Club is an all breed registry.  Showing UKC is a great option for some people that don’t live close to the ABA, NKC or ABRA show circuits.

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American Bulldog Registry - American Bulldog Registry & Archives

The American Bulldog Registry & Archives is owned by us. We support our breeder customers by offering great service, same day delivery of accurate certificate and pedigree files, plus solid marketing advice.

We have always registered ABRA, even before we owned it, to see pictures of our ABRA registered american bulldogs please take a look at our photo gallery and our Facebook kennel page.

judge and competitors at an american bulldog show in germany
Lesli Judging in Germany at an ABRA show.